Smoothie Smash Related Updates

Hello penguins,

I am just about to go to the Coffee Shop meetup, but it looks like I will be going to the Spanish one! So 9.00PM UK time, 1.00pm PST!

As for now, here are a few Smoothie Smash updates:

Just like all the other games, Smoothie Smash has been added to the map.


And as promised, for the length of the Adventure Party, Smoothie Smash will be at the Cove, Forest and Dock too!



And since the Town was full on the English servers, and I have now moved to the Spanish, while only knowing one word of the language, so I will be shouting HOLA! HOLA! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?.

While this update has happened on the English version, I could only take a picture of the Spanish version, but you get it.


Waddle on!


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