The Fair 2012 confirmed – with ability to save tickets!

The Fair has been a party since September 2006, and this year, we all thought it was going to not be there, but now it has been confirmed by Billybob during a meetup which wasn’t really prepared beforehand.

First, I shared a suspicion with Trainman1405, I just didn’t have the time to correct my posts, so it was first kinda given away in the Club Penguin Times:

September 6th:

Costumes to clown around in. Moo! Coming soon to the Gift Shop.

September 13th:

Run away and join the circus with Fair furniture items for your igloo


But Billybob confirmed it all, IT ALL! Look at these images from someone on the Club Penguin Wiki and Orangeblue1

For the past Fair parties, you would lose tickets upon logging off, but now, this fabulous new feature of SAVING TICKETS, means we can like save up until the end of the party when we start buying things!

It is possible next month, PH and Rookie provide the games, as there are suspicions they are coming, and Rockhopper can’t sail away and then back to the Club Penguin island, and can’t stay forever!

Waddle on!


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