What the August Preview on the Club Penguin Blog was

You may remember this image being posted on the Club Penguin Blog, well, I have cracked what they all are!

The first one is where you get chased by the giant watermelon in the Temple.


The second one, as rightly pointed by one of our fellow viewers, is actually a bit from Penguin Style.


And finally, Herbert, IS NOT up to some plan, so EPF August is called off, HOWEVER, there is chance for the Halloween Party to be scrapped, or it be an EPF Fair, or Sensei and the EPF team up in November, but, what is most likely, is that we wait another year to see Herbert’s devious plan. The third picture is him in Smoothie Smash, I only get him posing like that in a stamp.


I have an idea of what may happen. Just like a year ago and the Quest III Dragons which we defeated. Herbert may steal the smaller Big Big Kahuna, and make it angry again, on the EPF Roof, like then, so we have to make it happy again, but Herbert would’ve made some tweaks…

So I consider this, blog thing solved!


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