Club Penguin news: Welcome to the Fair!

Club Penguin has released their latest News. This week is all about the Fair.

The first one is (Of course) Talking about the Fair.

The second one is about what you can do at the fair.

And there are the upcoming events. Which are you looking most forward to?

  • September 27 – New Fair Prizes
  • October 4 – New Clothing Catalogue
  • October 4- New Pin
  • October 4 – Pay Day (why isn’t it on the first of the month?)

Thanks to Trainman1405 for the pictures!


Club Penguin Featured Igloos Sept. 2012

Hey, guys.

Club Penguin has recently added some new featured igloos for y’all to take a look at! (NO, just because I use the phrase y’all all the time, does NOT mean I am western! :l) Well, here they are!

Slipery8878 said: “You guys should totally check out my Bff Aafke 100 igloo! It is amazing!! It is like a waterfall on an island!”

Kwaj Girl said: “Check out my best friend’s igloo, Purflipper! He made his The Great Wall of China!!”

Roseabella5 said: “You should check out Letlet’s igloo, it really ROCKS!!!”

Cool! Whaddya guys think?


Unreleased Furniture Items – October 2012 ?

One of Club Penguin’s SWF files have been updated, and there are names of new furniture items most likely to be released in next month’s furniture catalog.

  • Electro-light for 400 coins
  • Scientific Table for 650 coins
  • Spark Doohickey for 475 coins
  • Generator-ma-jig for 350 coins
  • Super Safe Pylon for 200 coins
  • Safety Fence for 300 coins
  • Scaffolding for 150 coins

Hmm… Some of these items sound familiar, don’t you think?

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Unreleased Items!

There are now five new unreleased items in Club Penguin’s files. The first two are for members. The other three are for everyone, however they are unlockable items. I do not know what unlocks them or when they’ll be in Club Penguin.

The two member items that are unreleased:

  • The Inspired for 300 coins
  • Artist’s Smock for 350 coins

The three soccer items that will be unlockable:

  • Soccer Cleats
  • Green Soccer Jersey
  • Goalie Jersey

The Green Soccer Jersey and Goalie Jersey have been previously in Club Penguin under the same name. The Soccer Cleats have been previously in Club Penguin under the name Cleats. These items are identical to the non unlockable

Thank you to Trainman1405

Club Penguin Minor Updates

Here are some of Club Penguin’s minor updates.

The home screen has been updated to the fair and it looks AMAZING! Take a look:Image

The Community page has now been Re-Named to fun stuff, Just like Happy77 said on Twitter.


One minor-er update is that Rockhopper is now further from Club Penguin. So it looks like he won’t be turning round for the Fair this year!


Waddle on!


Club Penguin New Furniture – September 2012

Hey, guys!

The September 2012 catalog has come with even more furniture to decorate your igloo!

Hay- 30 coins

Feed Fluffy Trashcan- 175 coins

Popcorn machine- 1000 coins

Ring O’ fire- 245 coins

Ticket booth- 580 coins

Lockers- 550 coins

Computer desk- 900 coins

Electric Stove- 650 coins

Pantry- 410 coins

Kitchen sink- 380 coins

Pantry- 350 coins

Pizza oven- 850 coins


Click on the Feed Fluffy trashcan for the Window- 600 coins

Click on top of the pizza oven for the White Board- 400 coins

Waddle on!