Hey, guys! Guess who’s here? It’s me Oarca! Not familiar with me? http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOarca?feature=mhee
There we go! Anyways, I am the new administrator of ClubPenguinFactz! :D I will be making daily posts once I get the hang of all this posting stuff…
Welp, see you around!



8 thoughts on “Hi!!!

  1. Oarca, I was wondering if you where still hiring penguin’s to blog and help out on clubpenguinfactz. If you are I would like join. Oh, and if you where wondering my penguin name is Devere 200.

    • Sure! But to successfully be in the team, you’ll have to answer these questions*)

      What is your full penguin name?
      For how long have you been on Club Penguin?
      Have you ever blogged before?
      Which country do you live in?* (*If you think this is too personal, leave it blank.)
      Do you have a Twitter?

      *And by the way, I might not send you an invite for a while due to the fact that I don’t know how to yet. Sorry! :P

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