Ghost Just Wanna Dance – Music Video

Hello penguins,

Club Penguin has finally released the music video for Ghost Just Wanna Dance, a brilliantly upbeat song which has got me, and a few other bloggers, hooked to it!


If you desperately want to sing along, the lyrics are in the subtitles, otherwise, here they are!

Night falls on the spooky scene
Deck the icy halls in black and green
As the shadows rise here on Penguin Isle
From the darkness there’s a distant scream
Woah, that sounds like it’s getting closer!
Drums are getting louder
Bass is getting lower
Then the shadows spin, you’ll be joinin’ in
But first ya gotta find the keys
Who knows what is behind that door?
Creeping up on the floor

We’re not here to freak you out
We just came to shake it down
Uh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh flip up your hands
The ghosts just wanna dance

Only want to haunt your igloo
Give you chills and party with you
Uh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh flip up your hands
Ghosts just wanna dance

What a song! Also as pointed out by Trainman1405, Herbert makes an appearance, with a special sneak peek, he holds a piece of paper with the sun crossed out on it, that is a blackout, so Herbert will be associated with Operation Blackout, and it SHOULD be coming soon!

That’s enough music for one day (for me anyway…). Just before I go, we now have 2 ANIMATED BANNERS, as far as I am concerned we are the very first website to host the Ghost Just Wanna Dance Video AS PART OF OUR BANNER.

Waddle on!



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