I’m going to haunt your igloo!

Hello penguins,

Yep! The title says it all, when I become a ghost during the Halloween Party, I’m going to pay a visit to some of your iggys. To participate do the following rather simple instructions.

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Open up your buddy list
  3. Find ‘Dj Stores’ and send him a request (if you’re already buddies with him, it doesn’t matter)
  4. Go back to this post and comment on it with your Penguin Name and whether you sent a request or you are already buddies with me.
  5. I will then haunt your igloo for 1 minute and post the footage here, on this wonderful blog. While you are friends with me, PLEASE like my igloo, and when I haunt yours I will like it too!

Doesn’t matter if you are a non-member or member, I will haunt any igloo, whether it is as small as a spec of dust, or as huge as a mansion, it will be haunted, liked and featured!

Dj Stores


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