Why I am not posting so much.

Hello penguins,

You may have realised a dramatic decrease in, everything, in authors, in posts and in views.

I am going through a very hard stage in my life known as my 11+ exams, we do them here in the UK so we can get in to a school for our secondary education. These I must focus on.

So far, I have come 146th in an exam holding thousands of kids, and am in the TOP 3 in an exam for a very small, yet competitive school. I have 2 exams yet to go. I don’t want to give up this blog, because unlike some people, I believe it can do well, I believe it can be big.

For now, Trainman1405 at ClubPenguinMemories.com gets all the updates at the time they happen and well-presented and well-punctuated, but he does make the odd mistake, but his fans always correct him.

Thank you so much if you still visit the website, I am very sorry if you have lost faith,

Dj Stores


10 thoughts on “Why I am not posting so much.

    • Hi Devere 200! First of all, for your safety, I have removed all you personal information, as you’ve also commented with your real name and all that.
      Here in the UK, to move on to Senior School, we must do exams so we can get into the school. Hope this clears it all up :D

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