I demand to hear what has happened here!

Hello penguins,

I’ve given you the idea that you’re in trouble, right? Well, it’s the total opposite!

WE HAVE JUST ACHIEVED 40,000 HITS! Thank you SO much!

This is a great leap in the site’s history, so thank you so much! Let’s try get to 100,000 by June 2013!

-CPF Team


New Stage Play – My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story

A new stage play has been shown in the stage featuring Herbert’s life, how he was born, battled with us secret agents, took over Club Penguin and renamed it Club Herbert.


Here is the costume trunk, it has two items and that is the Director’s hat and the Megaphone.




Club Penguin will come to an end! MWAHAHAHA!! Lol, Herbert, you’re no match for the EPF :P

New Login Screens

New login screens are featured on Club Penguin’s homepage, login page and signing out page. The images below are place in order respectively.




Pretty cool, eh? In the login and home pages, wait for a moment, and Herbert will have an evil grin on his face saying we should enjoy it before he destroys it.


New Stage Act – Ruby And The Ruby

Club Penguin has updated the stage with the stage play, ‘Ruby And The Ruby’. There are no changes made except for the fact that it has a new background. Here is how the stage currently looks like:


Here are the items in the Costume Trunk:




Don’t you get tired of Club Penguin placing old stage plays all the time?

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A new era – Penguins Beyond

The time has come to say goodbye to Club Penguin Factz and hi to Penguins Beyond, the brand new site from the creators of CPF!

The team really wants this site to become even better than CPF, we still have all CPF’s pages, hits and all that, but with this¬†opportunity to clean the slate, and restart life in our own perfect kingdom, we couldn’t say no.

Expect; Better images, Lengthier posts, Personal updates, and a Polar Bear trying to Blackout the Sun.

We hope you support us in this decision, and that you MUST leave your opinions in the comments, just comment with the word Anonymous in your comment, and we will remove all details you put in to the comment (apart from the actual comment).

To Penguins Beyond!


The Penguins Beyond Team 2012

Dj Stores & Dhi228