Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Cheats Guide

Club Penguin has released the Holiday Party. New emotes, ability to freeze friends and turn to reindeer puffles are all here!

Once you log in, you will see a screen allowing you to collect free gifts. Come back everyday to collect them. For today, there are two gifts you can collect – one for non-members and one for members.


The gifts for today – a holiday bear for everyone and an ornament chair for members.

Go to the Coins For Change Bakery ( Snow Forts ) to donate your coins! Here is how it looks like


There are three types of cookies that you can eat at the Cookie section – one tranforms you into a toy car, another lets you become a reindeer puffle and the last one allows you to be Frost Bite!



However, before you transform, you have to make cookies in the bakery! Here is how you make them


You can only transform for ten minutes, to keep track of the time, there is a cookie monitor on the top right screen.



There are two catalogs that are available in several places, the purple catalog has items for everyone and members only while the red catalog has only member items. Here are the catalogs respectively.











The Ski Lodge has been transformed to Santa’s workshop! Click on the camera in there and you will automatically waddle to the green chair and get a free background.




Next, go to the Lodge Attic and play the game. First, you need to drop 15 presents into an igloo’s chimey. You will get a prize, it could be a blue, pink or yellow light bulb!



To top it up, the Migrator has arrived! There is a new free item from Rockhopper’s Rare Items! It is called the Pirate Shuttle! There are also two more items in the list.

( picture soon )

Awesome! Do you think the Holiday Party was flippin-tastic? Leave a comment below and tell us why!





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