Club Penguin Gary & Aunt Arctic’s New Background

Today, the club penguin Hollywood party arrived on club penguin and along with each club penguin party comes a mascot. There are four mascots waddling around club penguin although only two have new backgrounds you can pick up for your penguin. This being Aunt Arctic and Gary. While they’re on they will be giving away a free autographed background that you can obtain on your penguin account when you meet either one of them on club penguin. Below are Gary and Aunt Arctic’s new backgrounds:

Aunt Arctic’s background features Aunt Arctic in her igloo with a blue and pink puffle.  Check it out:
club penguin

Gary has a new autographed background as well. It is the same background he gave out in October 2010, but it has a different picture of Gary. Have a look:

club penguin gary tracker

I always enjoy getting the mascot backgrounds, but two new ones at the same time! You couldn’t ask for anything better! Be sure to pick up these new backgrounds before February 26th as the Hollywood party will be coming to an end. What do you think of the new backgrounds? Are you going to obtain them? Leave a comment below and let us know!



Newspaper #381

The new newspaper came out today.

The first arcticle is about the Hollywood party coming.


The second arcticle is about new igloo furniture.


The upcoming events are.


Do you like the new newspaper?


Furniture Catolog Cheats

These are the new furniture catolog cheats for Febuary 2013

The first cheat you need to click on the video camera.


The second cheat you click on the lockers.


The last new cheat you need to click on the earth.


How do you like the new items?