The Future of Club Penguin Factz

Hello everyone,

It’s the first time in a while we’ve done a post, and to be honest, I’m kind of unsure where our site is going. Ever since Xbird left the site, we have been in tatters. Me and Dhi228 have had important exams coming up, and if we didn’t concentrate on those, it could justify our future as successful people.

We were a team of three, all three of us held up the foundations for the site, but when one of us left, the two people failed to keep the site going, therefore we are just a website floating round the internet.

The many attempts we have made to kickstart the site have failed, as I said, we have had important exams, so we could never, ever get round to it, and I am unsure where the future lies for us.

Hey! We’re nearly one year old. That’s a good thing, we’re getting old. I can remember the first time we set up the site, on April 11th, we closed Dhi228’s Club Penguin Cheats and came to this lovely place. It was 10 days after my 10th birthday, and I had to set the site up on a dodgy Indian 3G Internet connection, I did it in the end.

We started off so well, we had famous bloggers asking for our exclusives, I remember the Puffle Cat and the Scorn ones. We had them on Club Penguin Memories, and our site was advertised in the post. But, we went downhill, we started arguing, we started confessing, we started being mean! Dhi228 wasn’t mean or argued, it was more me than anything. :P

The site is now left in tatters, and it’ll be hard to kickstart again. Dhi228 made an effort, and still cared about his site, and hired Nightbug1 and Gpumpkin, but the same happened to them, it was exciting for a bit, then it got boring, and then they just left the site inactive. I see no drafts in progress for any recent parties at all, it’s sad when you brought up such a great site.

It’s like raising a child, but not. We made GFX, added pages, spent time on writing great quality posts, but eventually, it got boring, so we kind of abandoned our kid, we didn’t put it up for adoption. This upsets me, we spent to much time, and it all goes to waste. :(

You may wonder, where are we as of today? I have listed them below.

Xbird – has moved on to a personal blog about a certain place. I am not stating anything for his privacy.

Dhi228 – has moved on to and likes working there as he is paid for his posts, rather than here, doing them out of good will and because you own the site :P.

Dj Stores – has moved on to The CP Government. He owns the Elections division and is the Administrative contact for their website and Twitter. He is trying to search for a new blogging job, but is worried about the pressure.

So, what is the future like for Club Penguin Factz. We aren’t looking to hire, or do anything now. I just cannot put in to words how sad I am of leaving this site in tatters, and just leave this one sticky post at the top until we can be bothered to sort the site out. We don’t want to sell it, but don’t have the time to make it good again.

Waddle off.

Dj Stores.