Happy Birthday to Club Penguin Factz!

Happy Birthday, Club Penguin Factz!

We’ve hit 1 year old, and we are extremely proud of our little site!

Thank you to Dhi228 for hiring Dj Stores and Xbird, and to Xbird for the idea to move from Dhi228’s CP Cheats and buying our beautiful domain, and Dj Stores for originally making the CP Factz site.

This isn’t the last you’ll see from us, we’re making slow plans to kick-start our site!

If you are still checking on our site, thank you for staying strong and being there for us, even in our most inactive times.

Lots of love,

The CP Factz Founders & Our Current and Former Authors

Dhi228, Dj Stores, Xbird, Rockie805, Cooldude229, Oarca, Nightbug1, Gpumpkin.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Club Penguin Factz!

  1. hi dj stores i was just thinking that the best time for you to get the site back running is in the summer since most people will look for cheats

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