Club Penguin Tombstone Pin!

Club Penguin has released the new Tombstone Pin. The Tombstone Pin is available from 17 October until 31 October. You can find the Pin by going to Boiler Room, just on the cabinet. I can’t show how it looks like on Penguin,Club Penguin isn’t loading at this time.Penguins may access the Boiler Room by waddling from the Cave or finding the secret speaker that leads to the room from the Dance Club.



New Author:Kevin2588!

Hi Penguins, I’m a new author here, who’d post daily cheats about Club Penguin. I’m 13 years old. I’ve a twitter account and you can follow me by clicking here.My Club Penguin username is Kevin2588. Please give me a follow on Twitter and If you want to add me on Club Penguin, send me a request and I’ll accept it

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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Cheats (WARNING : SPOILER! )

Hey penguins! The Halloween Party has finally started after many weeks of waiting. When you log in to Club Penguin, you will be able to see that Rookie has a message for you.





The candies are cursed? It sounds bad to me… When you click the ‘OK’ sign, the pouch will then move to the top right corner of the screen. When you click it, you will see a screen showing you the number of candies and transformations you have collected.



When you click on the ‘Go to Catalog’ , you will be able to access a special Halloween edition clothing catalog.┬áThere are only three items for everyone while the rest are for members only.




Instead of paying by coins, you have to pay using candy, which can be collected by trick-or-treating around the island. In order for you to earn candy, you have to play a mini – game which can be played by clicking the jack-o-lanterns around the island.



You simply have to pick 3 candies in the jack-o-lantern and you will earn candies and transformation ones too.



The Fang Fudgie is one of the transformation candies.





Here is Rookie’s new background. If you have already added him as a friend, you can just go to you friends list and get the new background.



This is how it looks on my penguin.



Also, if you look at the emotes section, you will notice that Club Penguin has added 6 new emotes specially for the Halloween Party, but, use it while you can, as it will be gone when the party ends.



I guess my theory of The Fair being held together with the Halloween Party was wrong after all… oh well. This year’s party rocked anyway, which room do you think is the spookiest one of all? Leave a comment below and tell us why.

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Dhi228 :)



Club Penguin Halloween Party Website Makeover

Club Penguin has added more Halloween-themed updates to its homepage. Although they have already added some a couple of weeks ago, they added a couple more which states more about the party. Here are the updates.

Two new homepage screens




A new log off screen



Last but not least, two widgets which can be found on the homepage.



Cool updates! This year’s Halloween Party has been great so far, if not the best. Check out our Halloween Party cheats at the top part of the website.

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Dhi228 :)

Construction of Halloween Party 2013 + The Fair 2013???

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, constructions of the Halloween Party have begun and boxes with slime oozing out of it can be seen at places such as the Dock and the Ski Villiage.



However, as mentioned in Issue #416 of the Club Penguin Times, Rookie stated that his biggest fear were the clowns from The Fair, which never took place this year after taking place during Fall from 2006-2012 .


Also, Rookie stated in this issue of the newspaper that he thinks that zombie giraffe costumes, mustached vampire merman, and under-werewolf ballerinas are quite scary as well, but has not seen them before. Well, all these costumes are not going to be released in Club Penguin, unless, they are going to be released in the Halloween Party 2013! If clowns from the Fair is Rookies’s biggest fear, wouldn’t that mean clowns and their costumes will definitely be in the party? Could this mean the Fair is still coming to Club Penguin, but in a spooky manner? Visit Club Penguin on October 17 to find out!

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Stage Play – Night Of The Living Sled

Night Of The Living Sled is back at the Stage in conjunction with the Halloween Party. It seems that Club Penguin have not made any changes to the script or catalog.


Catalog :


Click the mouth of the blue penguin to get the Director’s Hat and Megaphone.



Not really impressive so far, but at least this classic relives memories of Club Penguin’s early years :)

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Club Penguin Times Issue #416

Club Penguin has released the latest issue of the Club Penguin Times. The first article relates to the Halloween Party, while the second article relates to The Night Of The Living Sled, a play in the Stage.

Article 1





Article 2



Upcoming Events:



Unlike other years, Club Penguin have not released the party information for the Halloween Party. I guess this party is going to make me creeped out! What special event do you think will be taking place during the party? Leave a comment below and tell us why!

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Dhi228 :)