Club Penguin Times Issue #415

Aunt Arctic has published the latest edition of the Club Penguin Times. As expected, the Puffle Snack Station has been launched in the Pizza Parlor. Read the other articles below.




Rookie Running Halloween:





Upcoming events:



If you have not collected the current pin, you should do so now as you will not be able to collect it after October 16. What do you think of the events happening on Club Penguin? Leave a comment below.

Waddle on,

Dhi228 :)


10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue #415

    • Thanks birdie :) Could you help us with the site again? I do know that you have quit CP, but could you just help us with designing stuff? DJ has been inactive for a couple of days.

    • Thanks Xbird! I’m thinking what to do. Most of our views are from a spam site now… so I need to bring back the genuine views, by getting exclusives, catching the eye of everyone, and getting quoted on a popular blog… that’s what lead us to success.

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