Construction of Halloween Party 2013 + The Fair 2013???

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, constructions of the Halloween Party have begun and boxes with slime oozing out of it can be seen at places such as the Dock and the Ski Villiage.



However, as mentioned in Issue #416 of the Club Penguin Times, Rookie stated that his biggest fear were the clowns from The Fair, which never took place this year after taking place during Fall from 2006-2012 .


Also, Rookie stated in this issue of the newspaper that he thinks that zombie giraffe costumes, mustached vampire merman, and under-werewolf ballerinas are quite scary as well, but has not seen them before. Well, all these costumes are not going to be released in Club Penguin, unless, they are going to be released in the Halloween Party 2013! If clowns from the Fair is Rookies’s biggest fear, wouldn’t that mean clowns and their costumes will definitely be in the party? Could this mean the Fair is still coming to Club Penguin, but in a spooky manner? Visit Club Penguin on October 17 to find out!

Waddle on,

Dhi228 :)


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