Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Cheats (WARNING : SPOILER! )

Hey penguins! The Halloween Party has finally started after many weeks of waiting. When you log in to Club Penguin, you will be able to see that Rookie has a message for you.





The candies are cursed? It sounds bad to me… When you click the ‘OK’ sign, the pouch will then move to the top right corner of the screen. When you click it, you will see a screen showing you the number of candies and transformations you have collected.



When you click on the ‘Go to Catalog’ , you will be able to access a special Halloween edition clothing catalog. There are only three items for everyone while the rest are for members only.




Instead of paying by coins, you have to pay using candy, which can be collected by trick-or-treating around the island. In order for you to earn candy, you have to play a mini – game which can be played by clicking the jack-o-lanterns around the island.



You simply have to pick 3 candies in the jack-o-lantern and you will earn candies and transformation ones too.



The Fang Fudgie is one of the transformation candies.





Here is Rookie’s new background. If you have already added him as a friend, you can just go to you friends list and get the new background.



This is how it looks on my penguin.



Also, if you look at the emotes section, you will notice that Club Penguin has added 6 new emotes specially for the Halloween Party, but, use it while you can, as it will be gone when the party ends.



I guess my theory of The Fair being held together with the Halloween Party was wrong after all… oh well. This year’s party rocked anyway, which room do you think is the spookiest one of all? Leave a comment below and tell us why.

Waddle on,

Dhi228 :)




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