We are still alive!

Hey penguins or bots or whoever actually still visits this site,

It’s me, Dj Stores, reporting from 2015 to let you know, me and Dhi228 are still around. Just not here. Dhi228 recently was awarded Best Blogger in the Penguin Talent Awards (so pretty much – we’re now an award winning blog, because this is where it all started, right? ;-) )

To catch up with him, follow him on Twitter @Dhi228. Xbird has risen out of the shadows and is on Twitter @EthanEberly or something like that. I’m on the socials medias on Twitter @DjStoresssss and I still have bad humour. Some things just don’t change. :-D

I’m working on a new project, Puffle Vision. LIVE Club Penguin TV broadcasting. Yes, I ditched the fame and fortune of Club Penguin Factz for that. Check it out at pufflevision.weebly.com and if you want to see some more blogging from me (who doesn’t!) take a look at Club Penguin Reveals at clubpenguinreveals.com

If you’re a person, and not a bot, sorry to disappoint you, but as of now, this blog is inactive, but the team, the terrific trio, Dj Stores, Dhi228 and Xbird, are alive, kicking, and more awesome than ever. Just working on new adventures. Maybe one day, Club Penguin Factz will open its doors once again.


-Dj Stores