About the Website

Club Penguin Factz wasn’t always Club Penguin Factz. Dhi228 created this site, but the site had a different name. It started of as Dhi228’s CP Cheats. Soon after it was created, Dhi228 asked Xbird to become backup as DJ Stores asked to be part of the team. Xbird accepted his invitation and Dhi228 accepted DJ Stores, and were soon blogging away! Then, on April 7th, 2012, the trio of bloggers decided to have a meeting. During the meeting they discussed many things, but the most important discussion was the name change. After much debating and discussing over this topic, we decided to rename the site, Club Penguin Factz. During the meeting we also discussed other things such as what theme to use. By April 11, we had finished the theme and renamed the site. A few months later, they decided to have another meeting. During this meeting, they discussed purchasing a domain. The votes for “yes” prevailed, and the domain was purchased by Xbird, and his friend, Rockie805. Then something happened. Arguments. Disagreements. Fighting. Behind the scenes, much fighting was going on. Most of it (not all of it), was being unintentionally caused by DJ Stores. What exactly was he doing will not be mentioned, but after some secret discussion between Xbird And Dhi228, they decided to fire DJ Stores from the team. Shortly after this decision was made, the site got lazy, Xbird and Dhi228 weren’t posting, fans were getting annoyed, views were significantly dropping. Then Xbird decided to leave the site, and efforts have been made that no traces of him are left. DJ Stores was then rehired, after a lot of persuasion to Xbird. He immediately acted to this crisis, and discussions with Dhi228 have sorted things out. Dhi228 then decided to quit, and DJ Stores joked he quit as well, Xbird took it seriously, and he made a stupid idiotic post, DJ Stores then called Xbird very bad words, not for you to hear kiddies, and Xbird has given up on the internet. Then OARCA was hired, and as of now, he has now been fired.

Now the team now consists of Dhi228 and DJ Stores, and we hope, after all this fighting, we will continue to be what we set out to be, a Club Penguin cheats website.

Thank you


33 thoughts on “About the Website

  1. Dj Stores… you’re the saddest little piece of SHIT I ever saw. And you’re the shitbag and you are a whore. Where the fuck do you come up this shit?! The dumpster!? Clubpenguin Radio is gay, Devere 200 is gay, XBird is gay, and you are the gayest one of all of them. TRIP FIELD

  2. Trip Field, why do you keep calling me names? Dude… I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU!!! You could live in a cardboard box for all I care. ( Which you probably do. LOL. ) What I’m trying to say is Trip Field, you need to fuck off.

  3. LOL LOL o’k this is funny, Dj Stores said i’m a bad speller? Dude that was back in the days now I have a blog and better spelling and improving my blog and spelling. Oarca is a good friend, and you don’t stay updated on this blog/website. The only one I see that’s good here is dhi228 and oarca you had no reason to fire Xbird, Xbird was o’k, you should have left him at this place! Dj stores you are nice but the last few comments you made were bad and how old are you? Oh that’s right 10, i’m young like you but really? That kind of language is bad and people would probably see how bad you are and stop coming here! You may act like your good on the computer but your bad on the computer sometimes you act nice sometimes you act bad just because someone says something mean to you, you don’t have to cuss at them. Oh even if you didn’t fire them and if dhi228 did he should still work here and you should be fired Well sorry if I hurt your feelings, it’s just my opinion ya know! Well see you around!
    ~Chris Dog90

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