Furniture Catolog Cheats

These are the new furniture catolog cheats for Febuary 2013

The first cheat you need to click on the video camera.


The second cheat you click on the lockers.


The last new cheat you need to click on the earth.


How do you like the new items?



New Stage Act – Ruby And The Ruby

Club Penguin has updated the stage with the stage play, ‘Ruby And The Ruby’. There are no changes made except for the fact that it has a new background. Here is how the stage currently looks like:


Here are the items in the Costume Trunk:




Don’t you get tired of Club Penguin placing old stage plays all the time?

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Club Penguin New Igloo Experience + New Igloo Catalog

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived… Club Penguin has released the new igloo experience! I’m am amazed at this update, and I think the Club Penguin Team did a great job!

When you enter your igloo, you should see this icon in the top right corner:

If you click the like button, you can like your (or another penguin’s) igloo.

If you click the button with the penguins on it, you can view who liked your igloo.

Now, if you go to the bottom right corner, you should see this icon:

Click it, and you should be brought to the following screen:

Here you can see your grand total likes…

…view your igloos (up to three)…

…and change who gets to see you igloo (only friends, or everyone).

There is also an edit igloo button.

Click it, and you should be brought to this screen, where you can edit your igloo:

Click the tabs at the top to change which category of furniture you would like to choose from…

…or click the music button for igloo music.

You can also click the “Hide” button to hide the furniture section.

Along with the igloo experience update, there has also been a new igloo catalog released. There are no new igloos in it, though there are some cool igloo backgrounds!

Mountain, for 2800 coins:

Beach, for 2800 coins:

Forest, for 2700 coins:

What do you think of the new igloo experience? Comment with your thoughts!