Club Penguin Furniture Catolog Sneak Peek

This is a mesage from Polo Field:

Hi penguins!

This is a preview of the new furnishings inspired by Hollywood to be released tomorrow
Club Penguin February 2013 Furniture Catalogue Sneak Peek

I can not wait to create my own ceremony with giant TV! And you, what furniture you most want to have? There is an object that you hope to see in the catalog? Send us a comment and tell us everything!

Good slides!

– Club Penguin Team

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Card-Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek

This is a mesage from Polo Field on the french CP Blog:

Hi ninjas!

Last week, we told you test the beta version of Card-Jitsu Snow. Thank you for your feedback. It’s really a pleasure to see you as eager as us! And now we have other big news …

The team works on NEW ENEMIES that ninjas will be able to fight!

WHO IS THIS GUY?!? Where they come in your opinion? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page to tell us.

And please keep an eye on the blog! We will show you glimpses of other Card-Jitsu Snow in the coming weeks!

In the meantime … Good slides!

– Club Penguin Team

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Hollywood Party sneak peek

This is a message from Polo Field on the Club Penguin Portuguese Blog:

Hello, Penguins!

Polo Field talking. I know the studios next party in Club Penguin. And of course, I want to share with you:

They were curious to know what’s behind those doors – mainly from locked? If you already have some idea, just tell …

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the festival in February. The Businesmoose and I are programming a video peek for you. He will appear soon. Can not wait!

And even more … Pinguinando!

– Club Penguin Team

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Safer Internet Day 2013

Here is a message from Daffodaily5 :


As I’m sure many of you already know, the 5th of February is Safer Internet Day! This is a special day that’s organised every year to help teach kids and parents around the world about how to stay safe online.

Seeing as safety’s our number one priority here at Club Penguin, this is an important day for us. Which is why we want to give you all a free laptop item for your penguin – just head over to the Unlock Items page and enter the code ‘STAY SAFE’.

The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day is Connect with Respect. To explain more about what this means for you, we interviewed UK X Factor star, Ella Henderson. Check out the video below (keep an eye out for yours truly!) 

So next time you’re online, think about how you can Connect with Respect and be a good buddy to your fellow penguins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

There is also a code for a free laptop:



Card-Jitsu Snow coming soon

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey Ninjas!

We know you’ve been waiting a long time for info about Card-Jitsu Snow. Well, today’s your lucky day! We’ve got some EPIC NEWS…

Next month, you’ll have the chance to BETA TEST Card-Jitsu Snow!!

For the first time since Club Penguin started in 2005, you’ll have the chance to beta test a brand new multi-player game. We’d love for you to be a part of this huge event!

Stay tuned to the blog, because dates and details are COMING SOON!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Are you excited for the Beta Testing? I am.


Ps. Next month in the blog post is this month (Febuary)

New Login Screens

New login screens are featured on Club Penguin’s homepage, login page and signing out page. The images below are place in order respectively.




Pretty cool, eh? In the login and home pages, wait for a moment, and Herbert will have an evil grin on his face saying we should enjoy it before he destroys it.


Club Penguin Blog – You Decide: Costume Item!

Club Penguin has made a new ‘You Decide’ blog post. The post list three costumes: the Alien Costume, the Tree Costume, and the Pizza Costume. One of these items has a chance of being released in the Penguin Style Catalog. To vote for your favorite costume, click here and complete the poll.

Here are the costumes:

Here are the results as of July 25th, 2012:

What costume will you vote for? Comment below!