Puffle Party Gotta Have A Wingman

Thanks to Trainman1405 I have a sneak peek video of Gotta have a wingman.

What do you think comment below.



EXCLUSIVE: EPF Next Chapter?

Today I was on Club Penguin and found this:

scroll epf

When you scrol over it your mouse changes to a finger. Do you think this is for the EPF’S Next Chapter?


Penguin Band Waddling Around Early – Confirmed!

A few minutes ago I decided to tweet to Polofield (a Club Penguin moderator)  and ask him if the Penguin Band was waddling around before the Ultimate Jam started. He replied saying this:

So the Penguin Band IS waddling around the island before the Ultimate Jam starts! Awesome! Comment below with your thoughts!


New EPF Message By Gary

Alert! Alert! G has a spy phone message for us. Here is what it says:

‘We’ve analyzed the message you all detected last week, and we have a lead. Report to the Command Room for orders.’

With Herbert out at large for almost a year, could this be one of many signs that he is back?

Tell us in the comments!