Club Penguin – New EPF Message From Gary

Everyone, who works for Elite Penguin Force should have received just moments ago new EPF message from Gary.

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Club Penguin Field-Op #88 Cheats

Club Penguin has released Field-Op #88.  This weeks mission is to power up the chipset.  View the guide below for a complete walk-through on this weeks field-op!

To begin the field-op, you must report to the EPF HQ for orders.  Walkover to Gary (G) to receive them:

It reads:

“As long as the Meteor is supplying Protobot with power, he is unstoppable.  We must destroy the Meteor.  Secure the Meteor from Super Villains, then use your Spy Phone to install a power drainer on the Meteor.” 

Go to the Meteor at the Dock and stand as shown in the picture below:

Your Spy Phone should begin to blink.  Click it…

…And begin the field-op!

Your goal is to power up the chipset.  To do so, move your micro battery with your arrow keys, and supply power to all of the computer chips.  Watch out for power-drainers though!

Once you have completed the field-op, you will receive a message from Gary (G).

It reads:

“Well done agent!  The power drain device is online, and the Meteor is becoming unstable.  Until it’s finished, we must be vigilant.  Help the police catch criminals, stop Super Villains, and protect the island!”

Congratulations on completing the field-op!  Make sure to check back next week for an all new field-op!  Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know if you completed it.

Field Ops #87

Club Penguin has released the latest field ops – a day late.

To start, go to the EPF Command Room and click the Field Ops screen on your top right. Here are your orders :

We’ve detected a swarm of Doom Drones heading Downtown! The police don’t stand a chance! 

All agents – report to the Snow Forts. Get a lock on those Doom Drones, and take them down!’

Next, go to the Snow Forts, and stand on the brown car

Click your spy phone – this is the mission

Destroy the targets! Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannons. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused – you must destroy twenty targets in time.’

This mission has been played many times, do you agree with me? Comment below!

Field Ops #86

The latest field ops has been released! Go to the EPF Command Room and accept the mission. Go to the yellow screen entitled ‘Field Ops’ and accept it. Here are your orders:

‘ RED ALERT! Club Penguin is under attack! Super Heroes are barely holding the Destructobot at bay. We need to disrupt its central computer. Sneak into the Super Villain Lair, and break into their mainframe.’

Go to the Super Villain Lair and stand at the stairs on your left.

For this mission, you must bypass the system by using the arrow keys.

Was this mission easy or difficult? Please comment.