Club Penguin Membership Page Updated July 2012

Like every month, Club Penguin updates the membership page to let people know what to expect from the current month.

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Membership Page June 2012

Club Penguin has updated their membership page for June 2012.


Suit up as your favorite Marvel Super Hero… or Super Villain!

Face off in the Downtown Showdown

Coming in July: Show off your dance moves or rock out on stage!

MEGA EXCLUSIVE – Marvel SuperHero Takeover 2012 – Rooms

Hello penguins!

You may record I posted a really long post about the Marvel SuperHero Takeover the other day, well now, thanks to a Spanish website called Club Penguin Fiesta we have obtained 2 pictures of the party rooms.

They have been watermarked to prevent copyrighting.

The Command Centre looks cool. It looks above the city and has all the plans.

The Robot Monster looks like it is in the comet which is currently in the telescope.

Are you looking forward to this party, I sure am! And if anyone tried to say we have broken copyright, we haven’t, we have full permission from the owner of the photos.

Waddle on!

Dj Stores

Newspaper Issue #344

Club Penguin has released a Newspaper Issue #344. When you log in today, you will expect to see this sign that Scorn has been defeated! :D

Anyway, without further ado, here is the newspaper.

Main headline

Read Story link (more of it)

Next article which is about the curse of Scorn the Dragon and when Club Penguin will be back to normal from Medieval Times.

Upcoming events :)

Next page and article

Secrets :)

It is about the Sky Kingdom, it is saying that if members equip the staff from Sky Kingdom which could be reached by the quest, they can also go beside the beanstalk at the Coffee Shop and you could go there- even non members! Hope you enjoyed this week’s paper :)

Non Member Message

If you are a non member during the Medieval Party 2012 and are trying to access member features, you will get this message

Here are the member features on the picture

Battle Scorn, and rescue the kingdom from his evil clutches’

‘Quest for the three magical items-the only things that can stop Scorn’

‘Enter the Sky Kingdom and claim the Skyward Staff’

Nice features for the members! Most of the features were repeated from last year’s.


Membership page updated- May 2012

The membership page is updated, here is what it says.

‘Prepare thyself for a new battle!’

‘Become a knight, princess or a wizard with new clothing items!’

‘Decorate your igglo with furniture fit for a king or queen… or dragon.’

‘Coming in June: Will you save or destroy the city?’

I think Herbert will be back in June to cost the EPF trouble, of course! By then, he would have been out of the action for almost a year! Just think about it. With those strange happenings in the Pizza Parlor, that bear would come back too soon! Be prepared for your life, agents :P

New Log Off Messages

Club Penguin has added three log off screens.  Now, when you log off, one of the following messages will appear.

Membership ad:

Fun Activities ad:

Community Blog ad:

What do you think of these messages?  I actually think that the first one is boastful.