Newspaper #381

The new newspaper came out today.

The first arcticle is about the Hollywood party coming.


The second arcticle is about new igloo furniture.


The upcoming events are.


Do you like the new newspaper?



Club Penguin Times Issue #378

Together with the new party, the new issue of the Club Penguin Times has arrived! The first article is about Gary’s success of travelling back to the Age Of The Dinosaurs.







The second article is article is written by a Club Penguin reader named dUgglus ( seriously )



The upcoming events


Roar! See you guys at the party! What do you think of this post? Leave a comment below!


Newspaper Issue #348

Club Penguin has released Club Penguin Times Issue #348. The main headline is about the Club Penguin Superhero Takeover continuing as expected.

Next article is about brave citizens helping the heroes bring villains to jail.

Next up are the upcoming events to Club Penguin :

June 28 : Fireworks!

July 5 : Squidzoid Attacks!

July 5 : Penguin Style Catalog

The next page of the newspaper features the villain article and plans. What do you think of the newspaper? Comment below!

Newspaper Issue #346

The new newspaper issue #346 has arrived.

Headline on the first page

Read more:

Second article is about a mysterious someone calling a message to all villains.

Upcoming events:

On now! June Furniture Catalog

June 14 Superhero Party

June 28 Shadow Guy And Gamma Gal

Next page and article is about disasters and helping out in them

Special secrets :)

This week’s paper is really cool, isn’t it? :)

Club Penguin Times #345

Another week has passed and it means of course a new newspaper.

Main headline is a meteor which is going to hit Club Penguin, near the Docks on 7th of June.


Read More:


Second article in the newspaper is about strange machine discovered.


And here you’ll see the Upcoming Events:


They are:

June 7 – New furniture catalog

June 14 – Superhero Party

June 14 – New Pin

June 28 – New Pin

And finally, the secrets.


Did you enjoy reading the newspaper issue 345? I sure did!

Newspaper Issue #344

Club Penguin has released a Newspaper Issue #344. When you log in today, you will expect to see this sign that Scorn has been defeated! :D

Anyway, without further ado, here is the newspaper.

Main headline

Read Story link (more of it)

Next article which is about the curse of Scorn the Dragon and when Club Penguin will be back to normal from Medieval Times.

Upcoming events :)

Next page and article

Secrets :)

It is about the Sky Kingdom, it is saying that if members equip the staff from Sky Kingdom which could be reached by the quest, they can also go beside the beanstalk at the Coffee Shop and you could go there- even non members! Hope you enjoyed this week’s paper :)

Newspaper Issue #343

Extra! Extra! CP Times is now hot and delivered, it talks about the Medieval Party which has just started today. Here are pictures for you to see from the paper.

More of the front headline

May 24? That’s a week from now. Thinking what I’m thinking? I think an ‘end of the world’ scenario will occur. Second article

Upcoming events :)

Next page and article

Last but not least, Secrets!

These secrets are definitely useful to us bloggers and CP members :)