Club Penguin Gary & Aunt Arctic’s New Background

Today, the club penguin Hollywood party arrived on club penguin and along with each club penguin party comes a mascot. There are four mascots waddling around club penguin although only two have new backgrounds you can pick up for your penguin. This being Aunt Arctic and Gary. While they’re on they will be giving away a free autographed background that you can obtain on your penguin account when you meet either one of them on club penguin. Below are Gary and Aunt Arctic’s new backgrounds:

Aunt Arctic’s background features Aunt Arctic in her igloo with a blue and pink puffle.  Check it out:
club penguin

Gary has a new autographed background as well. It is the same background he gave out in October 2010, but it has a different picture of Gary. Have a look:

club penguin gary tracker

I always enjoy getting the mascot backgrounds, but two new ones at the same time! You couldn’t ask for anything better! Be sure to pick up these new backgrounds before February 26th as the Hollywood party will be coming to an end. What do you think of the new backgrounds? Are you going to obtain them? Leave a comment below and let us know!



Penguin Band Waddling Around Early – Confirmed!

A few minutes ago I decided to tweet to Polofield (a Club Penguin moderator)  and ask him if the Penguin Band was waddling around before the Ultimate Jam started. He replied saying this:

So the Penguin Band IS waddling around the island before the Ultimate Jam starts! Awesome! Comment below with your thoughts!


Cadence Is Coming To The 2012 Music Jam

Today on Twitter I found out that Cadence is coming back to Club Penguin with a new background. Many people on Twitter are tweeting all kinds of things about Cadence and when she’s coming back.

I couldn’t find out what the background it looks like but I did find a picture to prove that she has a new one. Sorry, I guess that Club Penguin is still updating the background. Compared to Aunt Arctic’s new background, I think Cadence’s background will be better than ever!

Credit to Cooldude229 for picture.

New Pin At Mine Shack

Club Penguin has released it’s latest pin at the Mine Shack. It is on a tree as seen on the picture below:

                                                                                   Click on it. ‘ You have found a Superhero     Pin. Would you like to pick it up?’ Say ‘yes’ and you have the pin :)

Isn’t this pin awesome? Nice design. What do you think? Comment below.


Card Jitsu Snow Theories – EXCLUSIVE!

Hey everyone, I am back with a scoop from my good friend, Gpumpkin , it’s about Card Jitsu Snow, here are some things that I will like to point out.

Remember the calendar about Club Penguin and it’s parties? In the month of May 2012, it is scheduled to have Card – Jitsu Snow, however, the only clue we will ever see is the end of Quest I where there are dojo puffles and snowing, it has been there for a few years. But,   that may be the place where Snow Sensei and Ice Dojo will be, so, if my calculations are right, Quest I might not be played again. Here is some of the facts Gpumpkin thinks that might likely happen

  1.  Mountains with snow, a perfect place for cj snow and its card jitsu game?
  2. A mysterious path to where, card jitsu snow?

Card Jitsu Snow will feature its own game like Card Jitsu Fire and Water. The game still remains in mystery, but here are some ideas of what it could be like. Your penguin will climb a mountain using the elements to get past certain objects. First one to the top receives 1st place and etc… Remember this probably won’t be the game though you never know.

After gaining experience after playing Card Jitsu Snow you’ll get four items. Here’s a sneak peek of the items:

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Club Penguin Factz Exclusive

Remember Dj’s poll about whether us authors should be Hero or Villain? That’s right. We have created a story based on that. Anyway here it is!

Club Penguin Factz Production presents ‘The Factzengers!’

Citizen : Hey, wanna go to the Coffee Shop? Ooh! A shooting star? Wait.. A METEOR? Call the Cops!

Cops: Army, we have to build something to stop the meteor from crashing but it’s too late, we will never be able to build anything in such a short time. We’ll make an announcement to warn everybody to stay indoors, don’t go anywhere, especially the Dock.

Meteor: BOOM!

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) We will bring havoc to this island known as Club Penguin, Rockie, give me our robot making equipment, today we’re gonna blow this stuff of penguins! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) On it! I mean uhh… Hahahaha…

Rockie805 ( Villain ) I’ve done the bot, is the acid ready? And the kerosene?

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) Yes indeed my fellow partner, now we should rule this ice cold place with some hot burning fire…

Dj Stores ( Hero ) Not so fast you horn machine!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) You thought you were gonna rule the island? Not in a century!

Xbird ( Hero ) Shields on! He’s gonna attack!


Dj Stores ( Hero ) Sniffs.. Sniffs.. Dj angry!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Power up!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) Enough talk, let’s start the fight!

Citizen: Do you think this is getting insane?

Citizen 2 : Maybe, shall we check it out?

Citizen 1 & 2 Peeps. There is a sandstorm? AHHH! Incoming robot!  Run for your lives!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Hmm.. I know what to do to stop this mess..


Dj Stores ( Hero ) I have set the time for this baby to blow, get ready, it will be nasty.

Xbird ( Hero ) Okay, uh oh, according to my calculations, this robot will blow before it even launches, shield the entire island!

Robot: BOOM!

Rockie805 and Cooldude229 : Our creations!

Cooldude229 : Fear not Rockie, we will be back and ready, so long! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Citizens : The island is safe, thank you heroes!

——————————- THE END ————————————

Story by Dhi228 and Dj Stores

Idea by Dhi228

Please note that this is just for the viewer’s enjoyment, please take no offence if you think that something in this story has gone amiss.