Club Penguin Blog – You Decide: Costume Item!

Club Penguin has made a new ‘You Decide’ blog post. The post list three costumes: the Alien Costume, the Tree Costume, and the Pizza Costume. One of these items has a chance of being released in the Penguin Style Catalog. To vote for your favorite costume, click here and complete the poll.

Here are the costumes:

Here are the results as of July 25th, 2012:

What costume will you vote for? Comment below!


Weekly Factz And Fun

Hey fellow penguins! Weekly Factz And Fun is back, with your new host, Peary The Pear!

Here are the things we are including in this post:

  • Site notes (upcoming changes to the site or anything else)
  • One Club Penguin Fact
  • A Club Penguin word search puzzle

Here is the Club Penguin Fact ‘Do you know Yarr was found by Rockhopper on June 9th 2005. 

Club Penguin Poll

The word search will be added to this post in a short while.

New Poll!

New Poll!