More Hollywood Party sneak peeks from Spike Hike

Earlier today Spike Hike (@spikehikecp) tweeted these new sneak peeks:

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Do you like these sneak peeks? I do. Also the jacket he is wearing looks unrealesed.



Penguin Band Waddling Around Early – Confirmed!

A few minutes ago I decided to tweet to Polofield (a Club Penguin moderator)  and ask him if the Penguin Band was waddling around before the Ultimate Jam started. He replied saying this:

So the Penguin Band IS waddling around the island before the Ultimate Jam starts! Awesome! Comment below with your thoughts!


Club Penguin Get Together To Meet Gary!

A while ago, CP tweeted that they were gonna have a get-together to meet Gary The Gadget Guy! :D This is the second time Club Penguin are doing this as they have did this for the Puffle Handler previously. Here is the video informing you of the meeting

There will be not one but three different meeting times.

  • 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • 4pm British Summer Time
  • 4pm Pacific Daylight Time
 We will be meeting in server Rainbow on Friday 25th May. Hope to see you there! Shall you need any timezone conversions, please comment and we will tell you.