New Video Blog: Marvel Super Hero Takeover Breaking News

Club Penguin has published a new video on their Youtube channel. Something notable is that the Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party has been extended for another week making it last till July 5th. Also, as I mentioned before, there will be a meet-up party for tracking Aunt Artic this week (details below!).

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Club Penguin Get Together To Meet Gary!

A while ago, CP tweeted that they were gonna have a get-together to meet Gary The Gadget Guy! :D This is the second time Club Penguin are doing this as they have did this for the Puffle Handler previously. Here is the video informing you of the meeting

There will be not one but three different meeting times.

  • 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • 4pm British Summer Time
  • 4pm Pacific Daylight Time
 We will be meeting in server Rainbow on Friday 25th May. Hope to see you there! Shall you need any timezone conversions, please comment and we will tell you.

Marvel Superhero Takeover – Coming in June!

Hello Penguins, or should I say Superheroes!

First of all this is our 100th blog post! Thanks for using CP Factz and trusting us!

Rumours have been going around about a Super Hero Party, at first we all suspected it will be a Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal themed party, with pink and blue as the main colours, until I discovered this!

Yep, you saw the end, it said Marvel Super Hero Takeover. For you who don’t know about Marvel, they are the company behind Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and all the other Avengers. They recently launched a film, the Avengers, I think this year they are really pushing the Avengers name.

2012 is the year for sporting, with the Olympics in London 2012, if you don’t know already, the cauldron is lit and the Torch Relay in the UK starts today, and it is the year for Superheroes.

Thanks to Trainman1405, we have all the clothing item names of the party.

Head Items:

  • Iron Man Cowl for 450 coins
  • Thor Helmet for 450 coins
  • Nova Helmet for 400 coins
  • The Black Widow for 450 coins
  • Loki Horns for 450 coinss
  • The Ms Marvel for 450 coins
  • The Hawkeye for 250 coins
  • THE HULK SMASH (yes, Club Penguin put it in all caps. Ironic, isn’t it?) for 300 coins
  • Captain America Helmet for 400 coins
  • Press Cap for 150 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
  • Cop Cap for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)

Face Items:

  • Nick Fury Eyepatch for 100 coins
  • Iron Fist Mask for 350 coins
  • Hawkeye-wear for 150 coins

Neck Items:

  • Hawkeye Quiver & Bow for 300 coins

Hand Items:

  • Mjollnir for 300 coins
  • Captain America Shield for 300 coins
  • Icy Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Cosmic Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Lightning Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Money Bag for free (listed as for nonmembers)

Body Items:

  • Spider-Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Captain America Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • HULK BODYSUIT for 550 coins
  • Iron Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Ms Marvel Body Suit for 500 coins
  • Nova Bodysuit for 450 coins
  • Iron Fist Bodysuit for 400 coins
  • Venom Symbiote for 550 coins
  • Loki Armor for 500 coins
  • The Lizard Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Hawkeye Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Thor Armor for 550 coins
  • Nick Fury Coat for 400 coins
  • Black Widow Bodysuit for 500 coins
  • Doom Dorne for 3000 coins (expensive!)
  • Up To No Good Suit for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
  • City’s Finest Uniform for 400 coins (listed as for nonmembers)


  • Superhero Pin (for everyone)

Backgrounds (all for everyone)

  • Aunt Arctic Giveaway
  • Mug Shot
  • Press Conference

Also Club Penguin did a sketch of the full Iron Man costume, maybe they are doing a Marvel Penguins cartoon as well.

As well as just the Super Heroes, I have a bit of a scoop on Club Penguin Blind Bags!

Club Penguin is also releasing a range of mini figure blind bags. Each foil pack comes with a collectable penguin and puffle micro figure, as well as a coin which allows kids to unlock one item from the Treasure Book.

The bling bags will launch on June 1st.

I think blind bags are made of the same stuff Match Attax Packets are made of, but in a bag and says Club Penguin on! These could just be a smaller version of the mix and match toys which you cannot swap the pieces with, and the micro figure could just be a puffle like you get with the new Puffle Playsets, you know, the ones with black puffle ramp and red puffle bowling.

Also, I know we shouldn’t post about rivals of Club Penguin here, but it looks like BAFTA-winning (with a scam, when you get nest items if you vote, in some cases, nobody recieved the codes to get them!) Bin Weevils are getting into the toy trade!

Initial products on show for the first time in Harrogate; launch scheduled for October.

Character Options will showcase initial products from its eagerly awaited BinWeevils toy line next week at Toymaster.

The firm revealed in January that it had been appointed the master toy licensee for the virtual world, with products due to hit shelves in October.

The collection will include figures, play-sets and plush all depicting the most popular characters from the children’s online community.

“We have been overwhelmed with enquiries about the collection and are delighted to have the first products to show next week,” said Jerry Healy, marketing director at Character Options. “Already anticipation is building up amongst the two million plus users of the website who are eager to enhance their BinWeevils experience with toys and collectables.

“Each and every item that we produce will have the added bonus of either earning the user extra mulch, the BinWeevils official currency, or will allow them to unlock special nest items. This will give them all the more reason to collect.”

Isn’t it Club Penguin policies not to third party advertise? Nevermind, because its cool anyway!

Keep on saving the world, superheroes

Dj Stores :D

Club Penguin Video Blog: UK Sticker Album (and Ireland)

Greetings folks! On Club Penguin latest video on the video blog, It is about an employee talking about a CP Sticker Album, which would be available in the UK and Ireland for only  £1.50 . Cheap! It says each album comes with a Treasure Book code. There are a total of 204 stickers. It is also said that if you buy the June 2012 Club Penguin Magazine issue you’ll get this sticker album for free! :) Here is the video: