NEW AUTHOR – David2228

The Club Penguin Factz team has hired a new author, who will probably be the last hired in a decade. David2228 is a good friend of Dhi228 and Xbird and he works at another site called Club Penguin Sky too.

Be sure to read his author page at the ‘ About Us’!



Club Penguin Factz Survey

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Club Penguin Factz is a hard working blog that does it’s best to provide you with all the latest Club Penguin cheats, glitches, tips, factz, and more!  We want to know how well you think we are doing this.  So, we ask you to take 2 minutes to complete our quick survey.  To access the survey, please use the link below or copy and paste into your web browser.


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Club Penguin Factz Exclusive

Remember Dj’s poll about whether us authors should be Hero or Villain? That’s right. We have created a story based on that. Anyway here it is!

Club Penguin Factz Production presents ‘The Factzengers!’

Citizen : Hey, wanna go to the Coffee Shop? Ooh! A shooting star? Wait.. A METEOR? Call the Cops!

Cops: Army, we have to build something to stop the meteor from crashing but it’s too late, we will never be able to build anything in such a short time. We’ll make an announcement to warn everybody to stay indoors, don’t go anywhere, especially the Dock.

Meteor: BOOM!

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) We will bring havoc to this island known as Club Penguin, Rockie, give me our robot making equipment, today we’re gonna blow this stuff of penguins! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) On it! I mean uhh… Hahahaha…

Rockie805 ( Villain ) I’ve done the bot, is the acid ready? And the kerosene?

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) Yes indeed my fellow partner, now we should rule this ice cold place with some hot burning fire…

Dj Stores ( Hero ) Not so fast you horn machine!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) You thought you were gonna rule the island? Not in a century!

Xbird ( Hero ) Shields on! He’s gonna attack!


Dj Stores ( Hero ) Sniffs.. Sniffs.. Dj angry!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Power up!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) Enough talk, let’s start the fight!

Citizen: Do you think this is getting insane?

Citizen 2 : Maybe, shall we check it out?

Citizen 1 & 2 Peeps. There is a sandstorm? AHHH! Incoming robot!  Run for your lives!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Hmm.. I know what to do to stop this mess..


Dj Stores ( Hero ) I have set the time for this baby to blow, get ready, it will be nasty.

Xbird ( Hero ) Okay, uh oh, according to my calculations, this robot will blow before it even launches, shield the entire island!

Robot: BOOM!

Rockie805 and Cooldude229 : Our creations!

Cooldude229 : Fear not Rockie, we will be back and ready, so long! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Citizens : The island is safe, thank you heroes!

——————————- THE END ————————————

Story by Dhi228 and Dj Stores

Idea by Dhi228

Please note that this is just for the viewer’s enjoyment, please take no offence if you think that something in this story has gone amiss.

CP Factz – Not Hiring For A Long Time

You may be wondering why our Write For Us page is gone, right? The fact is that we have now changed our plans to many other more important and compulsory ones, such as creating and finishing our game pages, to prevent us from distracting ourselves, we will not be hiring for a long time, estimated to be about a year, even if one of us quits. Still, we hope you will not lose faith in us, we hope all the game pages should be done by the end of  this month.

Yours Sincerely,


CP Factz- Dhi228’s Birthday!

Howdy, Hello, Namaste, Vannakam! Lol. It is Dhi228’s birthday today, so, he will be thanking all the fans for the support.

‘Thanks for coming to the site guys, you are really great fans, from just 30 views a day to 200 :) We will be having a 5000 hits party in celebration of that, you’re the best!’

Anyway, for the next party Dhi228 is organizing, he will be giving away 3 Card- Jitsu codes,  one for the most supportive, one to be put on the site while you try to activate and one which will be adding the names into this post. Till then, waddle on!

~Dhi228~ (Please note it is the next one Dhi228 is attending and organizing and not the next party)

Weekly Fun And Factz- Week 3

Hey dudes! It’s Monday, and it’s means its time for the Weekly Factz and Fun post of the week! Firstly, here are site notes that I should inform or remind you guys :)

Site Notes:

1. Soon, Dj Stores will be having a ‘welcome back’ party for leaving home for 5 days, be there!

2. As you may have known, we have recently opened a graphic and trading store, if you like to visit, go under the category ‘Shopping’. Have fun!

3. Today is a special day, it is Dhi228’s birthday! There will be a special post written by him.

4. If you were one of the ones who were asking to be an author, we have taken this into serious consideration as many of you are at the same level, remember, we are hiring only one author, till then, we may not be hiring for a long time.

Club Penguin Fact: Do you know that the red sunglasses from the Valentine’s Celebration 2006 is rumored to be the the party where Rookie got his glasses?

Club Penguin Poll:

Did you enjoy this week’s post? =)

Weekly Factz And Fun

Hey fellow penguins! Weekly Factz And Fun is back, with your new host, Peary The Pear!

Here are the things we are including in this post:

  • Site notes (upcoming changes to the site or anything else)
  • One Club Penguin Fact
  • A Club Penguin word search puzzle

Here is the Club Penguin Fact ‘Do you know Yarr was found by Rockhopper on June 9th 2005. 

Club Penguin Poll

The word search will be added to this post in a short while.