Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber was released in February 2008. It was released for the Save the Migrator Project after Rockhopper’s ship sunk one month before. There are currently 2 levels: Clam Waters and Soda Seas. The object of Clam waters is to Grab the big pearl from the giant clam. You may also grab the little pearls from the little clams. Each small clam is worth 25 coins. The big pearl is worth 350 coins. The object of Soda Seas is to collect all the cream soda barrels so other entrances to other cream soda barrels may open, leading to the amethyst. After you collect all cream soda barrels, an entrance in the bottom of the sea will open and you will have to go though obstacles in order to get the amethyst. Obstacles are such as puffer fish, and the huge puffer fish that breathes in and out, dragging you whichever way his breathing leads you to. The amethyst is worth 500 coins. In Soda Seas, You can also get the mullet by going to an entrance on the left, and if you hit the top of it, bait will fall out. Get it, and go towards Fluffy the fish. (The yellow fish.) Catch Fluffy, and go towards the Mullet. (The Mullet can be found in one of the entrances on the right.) Catch  the Mullet, and go towards the net to put him there. (Please note the Mullet is really hard to get as for the fact that it swerves around, trying to get hit on a wall to get free.) The mullet is worth ??? coins. There are also stamps for this game.




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