Bean Counters

Bean Counters has been an official Club Penguin game since it started. The rules are simple- Bags of cocoa beans will start falling out of a truck. You have to use your mouse on the screen to move around the penguin. you may hold up a total of 5 bean bags. If you try to hold up 6, you will lose a life. You have 3 lives in the game. Below is a list of obstacles in the game.




There are also things that fall out of a truck that you can grab to get a life. The symbol is a blue penguin with a flashing yellow over it. On March 2011, there was an update in Bean Counters. When you are on the game’s menu, click on the loose line that is hanging on one of the bags the penguin is holding. jelly beans will fall out. Click on it, and be sent to jelly bean mode. You will have to choose a difficulty. There is hard, expert and extreme. (Which basically means easy, medium, and hard.) When you click on hard, there will be 2 modes to choose from- hue, and complimentary colors. Click on expert, and there will be 2 more options to choose from. Analogous, and complimentary. (The same complimentary as the hard mode. Click on extreme mode, and there will be four modes to choose from- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Warm/Cool colors.

Tip: The harder mode you go to, the more coins you get!


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