Card Jitsu

To access Card-Jitsu, you’ll have to go through the Dojo Courtyard. (Which can only be accessed wit the map or spy phone.) When you do, a pop-up of Sensei will appear, and he will give you 10 starter cards, including one power card. Then, you have two options- Go into the dojo, or go in the Secret Hideout, which is located on the left. If you go in the Secret Hideout, there will be another pop-up from Sensei, and he will give you the amulet. In the Secret Hideout, there will be two doors- One to go in the Fire Dojo, and another to the Water Dojo. There is also a ninja catalog. All these three are for members only. In the dojo, you can practice Card-Jitsu on the mats, or go up to Sensei. When you go up to Sensei, you have a few choices- You  can earn your belts, challenge Sensei, (Which you can only do if you have gotten the black belt.) or read the directions. The rules are simple- You have a few cards on your deck. (Ex: Three snow) If that other person gets a six fire, they melt snow. Below is how the game goes.

-Fire beats snow

-Snow beats water

-Water beats fire

If one of the players have all the elements of a different color on top of them, or if they have all same elements in a different color, (Ex: Blue fire, Green ice, yellow snow. XD) OR (Blue water, Yellow water, Green water) Keep on battling until you receive your black belt. Once you do, challenge Sensei. Once you beat him, he will give you a ninja mask.


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