Guide to Becoming an EPF Agent

This guide will teach you how to become a EPF agent.

First off, you must have someone send you a EPF invitation.  If no one sends you one, just ask someone.

After receiving the invitation, go to the Ski Village and you will see an Everyday Phoning Facility building.

Enter it, and click the phone booth at the center and a TV screen will appear asking if you want to take the test.  Say yes.

Then there will be a target at the top right.  Throw a snowball at it.

Next, there will be a test asking you to run as fast as you can.  Walk to the red square.  Once you can run, click once and don’t click the ground a lot as it will make you slow.

After doing all of this, there will be another test in which you must hide.  You will have 20 seconds to hide from the security cameras.  To hide from them, throw a snowball at the first camera.

Then, hide behind a pillar.

The first camera won’t be able to see you because it’s screen is blocked with a snowball and the second one will not be able to see you because your hiding behind a pillar. Finally, for the last test there will be a blue square at the top left corner and you will be asked to stand there.  DO NOT stand on it. You will lose marks of you stand on it!

Instead, throw a snowball at the High Voltage box.  The cage will shut down and you will have completed the test!

Enter the elevator…

…and you’ll be in the EPF HQ.

Congratulations!  You have successfully become an EPF agent!


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