Aunt Arctic Tracker

Aunt Arctic is a famous mascot on Club Penguin and is the author of the Club Penguin Times!  This 100% accurate tracker never lies and will help you find her and get her background.

If you want to find her on your own though, go on popular servers like Abominable, Blizzard, or Zipline during party’s such as the Anniversary Party, Holiday Party, or Earth Day Party.
Then check rooms like the Coffee Shop, Bakery, or Town.


6 thoughts on “Aunt Arctic Tracker

    • Hey! The trackers don’t always update; they take an actual person to manually update them. Whenever someone on the team finds a mascot, we will update the tracker. Keep checking back!

      • Me too! But shes always “offline” But im wondering if maybe this website OWNS Club Penguin Cuz they know ALL cheats! So i thiunk they own the website,but if they own the website, They own, Candace Rookie,Rockhopper,Aunt Artic and more!

    • Me too! I only met aunt arctic once, which was in February 2013 at the Cove. I don’t know what server it was but the only thing i know about the discovery is that it was crowded and it was probably a server like abominable.

      • Yeah, it can be really crowded when mascots come, luckily, one day I met PH on an empty server and she watched me (I transformed as a puffle, it was back in 2012) do the Puffle Show!

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