Rocky Tracker

Rocky is one of the NEW mascots for the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam with Disney’s Shake It Up. Rocky loves to spin a move with her best friend CeCe, well, most of the time they’re friends!  This 100% accurate tracker never lies and will help you find Rocky as quick as a flash!

Rocky Tracker


The background for Rocky is currently unknown, however, once we meet her we will be sure to post it!

If you want to try find Rocky on your own, try finding CeCe first, if she is online, because if they are best friends, they will be with each other, so if CeCe is online, Rocky is bound to be there too! Rocky and CeCe may hang around with Cadence and even the Penguin Band, so check all the Ultimate Jam mascots, because if you find one of them, Rocky may be there!

Please bare in mind, Rocky will be controlled by the real actress which plays Rocky in Shake It Up, so they may log on to Club Penguin in their spare time, which may be very limited, so if you see her online, just get online, as it could be a matter of minutes before she goes offline again!

Good Luck!


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