Club Penguin bug: Go on 2 penguins at once!


Hello, penguins!

I have recently found an AWESOME bug!

Y’know how you were never able to go on 2 penguins at once? Well I know how to Bypass that!

1. Log on to ClubPenguin. (I used Google Chrome.)

2. Open up a new tab on a new window. (Ex. I used Internet Explorer) But, you’ll need the latest Adobe Flash Player.

3. Log on in Windows!

Voila! You have successfully gone on to 2 penguins at once!        Club Penguin… Seven years… Couldn’t go on to 2 penguins at once… Now you can…

What do you think? Do you think It’s a bug? No? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks, Trainman1405!