Puffle Trouble – Puffle Cat? + More!

At 1:30 into Club Penguin’s new video, Puffle Trouble, one of the purple puffles has ears and a tail!  Maybe it’s a secret sneak-peak of a new puffle hat/costume coming soon?

I’ll email CP about this and update this post if they respond.

UPDATE: Dj Stores here now. I have phoned CP about this. Even they have no idea what it is (though I have a good idea they are lying). They did tell me though that they are planning something called Puffle Costumes. Maybe they may launch a line of plushes to go with them.

Next, I pushed my luck and asked about the Super Hero Party.  They said it is super duper secret but the lovely person gave me a hint, which is that it is something UNIQUE and it is said to be an epic party. I suspect that the play, Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, will be making a return to the stage during the party.

And if you missed the Penguin Play Awards they told me it is something which should come back very soon… hurray!

Xbird and DJ Stores


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